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From strategy to concept to execution, chances are I’ve done it—or something remarkably similar to it over the past couple of decades.

As a copywriter, I come with the standard writer’s toolkit of ink-smudged hands and a full complement of manuals of style. As a “creative,” I bring a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and a bunch of other apps. There’s also a Master’s in Marketing Communications, so strategy only scares me if it’s the wrong one.

With words disappearing and pictures telling most of the story, an idea needs to be more compelling and relevant than ever.

Craft your marketing to serve a strategic end and deliver
something meaningful to the consumer, whomever — and especially wherever — that consumer happens to be.

Marketers forget the simplicity of this far too often.

Download my resume. Or check my LinkedIn. Better yet, send an email to ross dot freedman at outlook dot com and let’s get to work.