From strategy to concept to execution, chances are I’ve done it—or something remarkably similar to it over the past couple of decades.

I’m a creative leader, communications strategist, concept generator and copywriter who's worked with enormous international conglomerates and tiny upstarts. On multi-million dollar activations with lots of moving parts, and micro-budgeted one-offs. Hundred-page websites, or 25 characters or less (with spaces).

I come with the standard writer’s toolkit of ink-smudged hands and a full complement of manuals of style, along with a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and a bunch of other apps. I’m also armed with a Master’s in Marketing Communications, so strategy only scares me if it’s the wrong one.

Words are disappearing and pretty pictures are telling more and more of the story, so the idea needs to be that much more compelling and relevant than just a couple of years ago. So here’s my mission statement:

Craft your marketing to serve a strategic end and deliver
something meaningful to the consumer, whomever — and especially wherever — that consumer happens to be.

Marketers forget the simplicity of this far too often.

Take a peek at my work history. Here’s my résumé. Find me on LinkedIn. Or send an email to ross dot freedman at outlook dot com.